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Full Automatic Shrink Packing Machine for PVC Tape BOPP Tape

    Product Features
    1. Application: Suitable for such products as BOPP Tape, PVC Tape, Adhesive Tape, etc;
    2. General-purpose application of shrink film PE, POF and PVC;
    3. The whole working process adopts the German advanced technology based on European standard;
    4. Supply counting, single row automatic sealing and shrinking;
    5. The blade with Teflon treatment can endure high temperature without sticking;
    6. Sealing and cutting system with constant temperature makes the sealing straight, firm and beautiful;
    7. The machine applies the most advanced Fatek PLC accompanied with touch screen guarantee the precise action;
    8. The tunnel uses stainless steel heating elements ensure long life span; Shrinking temperature and conveyor speed are adjustable and stable; 
    9. Conveyor unit has Teflon mesh type or rod-shaped chain type for option;
    10. Intelligent digital temperature controller, hot air circulation system, guarantee precise temperature;
    11. The packed goods are neat, compact and suitable for prolonged transport.
    Model           A B
    Power 1.5kw 16kw
    Power Supply AC220/380V 1/3PH 50/60Hz AC220/380V 3PH 50/60Hz
    Max Packing Size L×W×H 400x300x300mm   1500×400×200mm
    Tunnel Size L×W×H / 1200x500x300mm
    Blade Length 670mm /
    Air Temperature 0-300ºC 0-300ºC
    Feeding conveyor length 1500mm /
    Table Height 750±50mm 750±50mm
    Packing Speed 0-12 m/min. 0-20 m/min
    External Air Source 6-8kg/cm2 /
    Shrink Film PE PE
    Machine Size L×W×H 1250 × 750 ×1855mm 2500x800x1650mm
    Packaging Size L×W×H 1300×800×2005mm 2050×250×550mm 2550x900x1800mm
    G./N. Weight 390kgs/450kgs 500kgs/450kgs


NOTE: Supply OEM/ODM Service,we can custom according to your production requirements

Packing & Delivery

As usual, we adopt wooden case as package type. It’s suitable for long-distance transport. According to customers’ special demand, we could adopt sheet iron case and so on.